Yoga For Health Life

A zen focused lifestyle can be achieved by practicing yoga for health life and so much more.

We will learn about the benefits of yoga for leading a life that can be filled with a sense of overall physical and emotional well-being.


Health In The Context Of Yoga

Health does not only refer to being free from disease and sickness. Good health includes the muscles, tissues, cells, nerves, joints, glands, and the whole body in a state of harmony and balance. Also, health can be described as the perfect equilibrium of the body, mind intellect, and soul.

Put all the above together and you could say humans are a combination of organs (action), senses (perception), the mind, the intelligence, and the inner consciousness. When all these states are in complete harmony, then you have good health.



The practice of yoga for health and fitness works on each of these states.

Yoga asanas or poses help to ensure that there is an even distribution of bio-energy or life force which brings the mind to a state of calm. As a result, a yoga practitioner approaches life not as a victim but as a master, in control of his or her life situations, environment, and circumstances.

Asanas balance the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, hormonal, excretory, digestive, and reproductive systems. This results in the body being in equilibrium which enhances intellectual clarity and brings about mental peace.

Improved physical and mind health are some of the benefits of yoga for leading a positive zest filled life.


Harmony Of Mind And Body

Harmony of Mind

The mind is naturally active and dynamic. Unhealthy bodies tend to house inert, dull and sluggish minds.

Practicing yoga asanas helps to remove this sluggishness from the body and brings the body to the level of the active mind. The ultimate state of deriving the benefits of yoga for health and fitness can be achieved when the body and mind rise to the level of the active mind.

Another aspect which answers the question ‘ is yoga good for health’ is that the practice of yoga asanas stimulates and changes emotional attitudes.

Examples of emotional attitudes that change include converting apprehensiveness into courage, emotional instability into confidence, indecision, and poor judgment into positive decision-making skills.


Harmony of Body

Anyone irrespective of age or physical condition can benefit from yoga asanas and there are asanas that suit a variety of constitutions. Asanas cater to the needs of each individual according to his or her physical condition. Regular practice enables you to achieve the benefits of yoga for health and fitness.

Yoga asanas involve vertical, horizontal, and cyclical movements. These movements provide energy to the body by directing the supply of blood to the areas of the body which need it the most. When you practice yoga asanas, each cell is observed, attended to and provided with a fresh supply of blood. This allows the body to function smoothly because it is re-energized up to the cellular level.


Benefits Of Yoga Poses


When learning about yoga for health and fitness, we need to consider the benefits of yoga poses. These are also called asanas and are based on three basic human postures of standing, sitting or lying down. These series of movements should not be followed mechanically. There is a logic to these movements which must be internalized if the pose is to be practiced correctly.

Asana is a Sanskrit term which is translated as ‘pose’ and sometimes as ‘posture’. I have come to understand that neither translation is completely accurate because they do not convey the element of thought or consciousness that is needed to inform each movement of the asana.

My yoga instructor, who is a practitioner of Iyengar Yoga helped me understand that the final pose of an asana is achieved when all the parts of the body are positioned correctly with full awareness of what I was trying to achieve by moving into the particular pose.

To achieve this, during the yoga class I learned to think through the structure of the asana. With my instructor’s guidance, I would imagine how I would adjust and arrange each part of my body, with each inhale breathe and exhale breathe. After this, I would focus on moving my body into the position of the asana, making sure that I maintained the balance between both sides of my body with no undue stress on any organ, joint, bone or muscle.

I mention two words above – ‘imagine’ and ‘focus’. This brings us back to the earlier point that yoga for health and fitness refers to a state of wholesome health. It is a combination of the physical and mental state which can be achieved from regular yoga practice.

To achieve the asana’s my instructor would say ‘ it is all in the mind’ which was her way of reminding me to focus on using my mind and imagination to guide me into getting into pose’s which I found difficult. And the approach has worked for me, but not without regular practice.


Importance Of Practicing Asanas 

The benefits of yoga for health can be gained from the regular practice of asanas. The practice of asanas has a beneficial impact on the whole body. Not only do asanas tone the tissues, muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves, they also maintain the health and smooth functioning of all the body’s systems.

Asanas relax the mind and body, allowing both to recover from the stress of daily life and fatigue. Asanas also help boost lymphatic circulation, hormonal secretions, metabolism and this brings about a chemical balance in the body.

Keep practicing the asana until you are completely comfortable in the final pose for that asana. That is only when you experience the full benefits of the asana.



Additional Thoughts

Yoga For You

Yoga primarily aims to restore the mind to simplicity and peace and to free the mind from confusion and distress.

This sense of calm comes from practicing yoga asanas and pranayama. Compared to other forms of exercise that strain muscles and bones, yoga gently rejuvenates the body. The yoga asanas restore the body and free’s the mind from the negative feelings and thoughts caused by the fast pace of the modern lifestyle most people live today.

I encourage you to take up a yoga practice and start to use it to fill up the reservoirs of hope and optimism which lie dormant within you. Almost like being reborn, yoga can help overcome obstacles on the path to health and spiritual contentment. It is a state of mind.

Focus and believe that success is waiting as you create your place of zen, peace, and harmony! Namaste.








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19 thoughts on “Yoga For Health Life”

  1. Hey Ola, Great post. I am also practicing yoga but still at the early stages. But it is very important to get the basics right and your article is great for that. Can feel your passion in your words. Thank you for this one.

    1. Hi Rajith, thank you for taking the time to comment on my post and glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I am passionate about yoga and have been practicing for a few years now. I know it is still new to many people and soI decided to write with beginners to the practice of yoga in mind.

      1. Amazing post! What a gracefull and enlightening read that was. You’ve portrayed a picture of yoga and asanas like a true artist. I used to practise Wing Chun Kung Fu and Chigong Meditation for a while around 20 years ago and sometimes more recently when I move around I doing certain moves with great awareness, is that what you need to reach to do the asana properly ? To do it with full awareness ?

        1. Hi Mohammed,

          Thank you for your comments and glad you found it interesting.

          Yes, this is interesting about the full awareness and you are quite right – after you keep up with a regular yoga practice, and learning to breathe into and out of each asana, you get to become focused and aware of each move. Your thoughts should necessarily not control your movements, your breath should – hence the full awareness with each movement. Your mind and your body, combined with the breath flow as one, not struggling to twist and turn. I do not practice Kung Fu of Tai Chi, but I love to watch the practitioners because I enjoy watching the mastery and flow of their movements!

          Thank you for your comments and questions.

  2. Ola,
    This is a very informative post about the benefits of yoga. I, myself, enjoy doing it but I like to do it together with some friends. Sometimes I feel insecure when I join a yoga class because I keep telling myself, “you are not flexible, you can’t do advance poses!” I will try to eliminate that kind of negative thoughts and explore more the benefits of yoga so I can be healthy physically and mentally.
    Keep up your good work in sharing this kind of post!


    1. Hi there, thank you for your inspiring comments. I say inspiring because even though I have been practicing yoga for a few years now, I am writing with people who are beginners or new to yoga as my center of focus. You appear to have benefited from that which is good. I will be posting beginners’ guides to actual yoga asanas shortly, so be sure to come back to soon.

  3. Hi Ola. Thank you for sharing your details explanation about how the body and mind work together into a yoga pose. Yes, that’s how body, mind and soul union! I definitely agree with you as I’m a yoga practitioner too. I have ever have an experience that I feel like I have gone into a meditation state while I’m holding at a yoga pose. That’s really a great experience. I would love to read more of your articles. keep it up! Namaste.

    1. Hi Janet, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Good to hear your opinion from your perspective as a yoga practitioner / trainer – Namaste 🙂

  4. Hi Ali, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I am happy to know that you found relevant information to what you had been looking about yoga and how it benefits health and fitness. It’s my aim to get the information out for readers like yourself. Thank you and do stop by again, I will be putting out more articles.

  5. Brilliant article to read, found it interesting to the point of commenting on how great a read I actually found it, well done and keep up the good work.
    This I have book marked for reference to it in the future!
    Thanks Jason

    1. Hi Jason, thank you for your comment and bookmarking my article. I am happy that you found value in this topic. 🙂

  6. Hi, I’ve always contemplated starting yoga but never really found anything to push me to do it, this article has given me the inspiration to go ahead and try it for once. I think yoga might compliment with other sports that I’m doing nicely.
    Thank you :)))

    1. Hi Kevin, thank you for sharing here – Good to know my article has got you thinking about starting a yoga practice. Yoga complements most forms of exercise, so yes I definitely recommend it. Thanks, Ola

  7. Nice article. It’s well thought out. I love the part where you say to keep up practicing until one is comfortable in the poses. At that point the fluidity of the practice goes to the next level. Yes, it’s truly mind over matter, overcoming the mental blocks in the mind. I love yoga. ❤️ Thanks for sharing. 😌

    1. Hi Lili, thank you for sharing here. It is good to know that you found my article interesting and hope you found some useful tips. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff. 🙂 Ola

  8. I really enjoyed your article, Ola! I have practiced Yoga since high school, and it has definitely helped me to feel better, be more at peace, and I realize that I’m a lot more flexible than I thought I was. Haha Stress (like carbon monoxide) is a silent killer, and it’s so important that we de-stress and realign our minds, bodies, souls, and spirits. Great read! God bless you!

    1. Thank sharing – yes I agree, realigning mind, body, spirit, and soul completes the picture of great health. Thank you 🙂

  9. You got me right at the beginning of your article.

    “organs (action), senses (perception), the mind, the intelligence, and the inner consciousness. When all these states are in complete harmony, then you have good health.”

    I practice yoga rather regularly and LOVE what it does for me. But as much as I can feel the difference vividly I still enjoy reading and educating myself about it. So I just wanted to say your very introduction gave me a whole other perspective. I will pin this to my wall in the studio!!

    Thank you for this gift Ola 🙂 I appreciate you

    1. Hi Betina, thank you for sharing and giving such encouraging feedback. It’s interesting and good to know that you will be including some reading up on yoga with your practice. Thank you, Ola 🙂

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