What Is A Cluttered Life?

If you have read my earlier post series ‘How To Declutter Your Home In A Week‘, we can ask what is a cluttered life? Is a cluttered life different from living in a cluttered home or workplace? This post will discuss and clarify what is a cluttered life.

Now that we’ve addressed the clutter that builds up in the home to cause disorganization, chaos and poor mental health, it’s time to look more closely at your life.

It’s very likely that your life is also suffering from some severe disorganization if you feel as if you’re lacking control.



What is A Cluttered Life?

As I’ve already mentioned in earlier posts ‘How To Declutter Your Home In A Week“, we tend to think of clutter as a physical thing, however all-too-often it can be mental or emotional too.

When your life is cluttered, all of that mess and disorganization is invisible – it’s inside your head. Yet, that doesn’t make it any less stressful to deal with. In fact, it makes it even more challenging to manage.


What does a disorganized life look like?

What does a disorganized life look like? How do you know if you have one? There are several signs that you can look out for to tell you that you’re suffering from this problem.

Firstly, you have a schedule that is overloaded with activities. You seem to be busy for every single hour of the day, with no time to spend on yourself.

You feel as if you’re constantly at the beck and call of other people, whether those people are friends or family members, and you struggle to fit all of your obligations, commitments and activities into your already strained lifestyle.

You feel as if you have absolutely no leisure time when you can unwind and enjoy yourself. Or, when you do manage to grab a few moments for yourself, you feel guilty that you’re not tackling the many other tasks that you have lined up ready to go.

You feel under increasing pressure to be a better person, to improve yourself, and to fit the mould that the media tells us we should be in. You feel guilty when you don’t have the time to cook an elaborate vegan meal from scratch or fail to get to the gym again this week or didn’t manage to get to your foreign language class so you could broaden your horizons.

If you can relate to any or all of this, you have a disorganized life that needs to be decluttered urgently.


Why Do Our Lives Become Disorganized?

There are several reasons why your life may have become disorganized.

Not all will apply to everyone, but if you’re experiencing the feelings I’ve outlined above, you’ll almost certainly recognize some of them.

You are neglecting your own basic needs and are, therefore, making poor decisions. This can lead to stress, anxiety and obsessive thoughts that prevent you from focusing on more important areas of your life.

You have FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’. This is a very 21st-century problem and a very common one. It’s something that propels you to sign up to the gym when you simply don’t have time.

You take an extra class even when you’re struggling with the ones you have. You scroll through Facebook for another hour rather than going to bed. Or, you head out for a night at a club with friends even though you know you have to get up for work early the next morning.

While FOMO comes from a place of wanting to enjoy a better life, it can end up making your life worse by adding more stress, anxiety and distractions.

You struggle to let go. This may apply to both physical and emotional baggage. Even if something is causing you pain, or is making you unhappy, you still struggle to release it and this causes you to dwell on it, over and over again.

You haven’t learned what enough means. You still feel that you somehow have to be better, to be more perfect, to acquire more things so you can be worthy of acceptance, love and praise.

You haven’t grasped the concept that good is good enough and this leads you to obsess over things in your head that make you unhappy, unfocused and non-productive.

You can’t say no. Some people just don’t feel able to put their foot down, even when they really don’t want to do something. They’re too worried about the reaction they’ll receive or about upsetting someone and losing their friendship if they stand up for what they want and need.

You feel obliged to do things, even when they aren’t your responsibility. You haven’t grasped the idea that delegation is a good thing, and you worry that you’ll lose your importance if you allow someone else to take on a job that has always been yours.


The Problems of an Overloaded Life

When your life is overloaded, a host of problems can follow.

The disorganization of an over-packed schedule leads you to suffer from poor mental health.

You become increasingly anxious and stressed about how you’re going to fit everything into your crowded day, week or month.

You also end up with no quality time for yourself – something that everyone needs from time to time to recharge their batteries. When every second of the day is accounted for, you just don’t have enough time to wind down, relax and let go of all the frustrations that you’ve encountered.

Falling into the bed at the end of a long and hard day will often lead to poor quality sleep as you struggle to process all of the stresses and strains you’ve gone through.

This only serves to make it even more difficult to find the energy and motivation to cope with the challenges that life throws at you.

When your life is disorganized, you’ll also find that your relationships become increasingly strained. Eventually, you’ll become more frustrated, angrier and more likely to snap at your family members and friends.

This will increase tension at home and make life even more stressful and difficult.



Are you ready to take control of your life once more and learn how to organize it so you can enjoy better mental well-being?

Then read on to discover a few tips. Also, feel free to share and comment here.

The first step is to look at your various obligations and commitments.

Do you really need all of them in your life? Are there some activities that you could quit to give yourself more time to unwind or spend with those who really matter?

It’s time to weed out anything that you can live without or that makes you anything less than happy.

If it isn’t necessary and you don’t love it, and it’s possible to ditch it, then let it go.







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4 thoughts on “What Is A Cluttered Life?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this blog Ola, it certainly resonates well with me. It wasn’t until I recently left a role that I had in an industry that I worked in for 30 years that I realised that indeed my life was very much cluttered. I hadn’t thought of it this way but your reasoning is easy to follow and I certainly checked a few of the ‘yep, that was me boxes’. I’ve now managed to take a deep breath and step away from or eliminate some of my self imposed tasks. We don’t need to keep up with the Jones’ as they say so sometimes being comfortable and having enough is as it sounds – enough.

    An enjoyable read Ola. Thank you – Jason.

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for sharing – I completely agree with you – we don’t need to keep up with the Jones’, so true 🙂 I look forward to more sharing from you so do stop by when you get the opportunity. Ola

  2. Great post! It is so easy to get lost in the uncluttered mess we store in our minds. I do love how you emphasize that carrying to much responsibities can lead to poor health. Do you have a strategy to help people declutter their lives, if so, I would love to hear it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Christine, thanks so much for stopping and sharing – I will be posting content on how to declutter and organise your life so do stop by again to read up on this topic. Ola 🙂

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