What Can Cause An Anxiety Attack?

So, what can cause an anxiety attack? Whether you have experienced anxiety or someone around you is experiencing it, you know that it’s not always easy to understand it.

There are various scenarios which can cause an anxiety attack which includes work-related stress, financial issues such as debt or not having sufficient income to live a comfortable life even if there is no debt. Anxiety for loved ones, family, friends, health and so many aspects of life can be a direct or indirect cause of anxiety attack.

Disclaimer: The pointers in this post are not associated with, neither do they replace professional or medical advice. It is important you don’t delay or hesitate to seek professional help if you feel that you are not able to find a manageable solution to your anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal feeling of worry felt in all human beings. However, it becomes disabling if it is chronic and leads to having an anxiety attack. When it is permanent, having an anxiety attack can be considered to be an illness in its own right.

It is a very complex state, and here we can consider things that we need to know about it.


Why Do We Experience Anxiety?

Anxiety goes back to the dawn of time and is, therefore, a natural defence mechanism in our body.

This mechanism helped us, in the beginning, to survive by assessing situations as dangerous. However, anxiety has lost its usefulness with time. Today, we hardly ever face dangerous situations anymore.

We are now anxious about situations that are stressful but not dangerous. For example, we can’t be late for an important meeting. The thought of arriving late can cause symptoms of anxiety. However, arriving late for a meeting is not a dangerous situation. The original purpose of anxiety has, therefore, been lost.


What Happens If the Anxiety Progresses?

Unhealthy anxiety can have a significant effect on your life. It will prevent you from doing some of the things you want to do, from feeling happy, and even from doing everyday activities.

Anxiety can have an immense effect on even the smallest things. Many anxious people no longer think that they can make their own decisions about their lives. It is as if anxiety has taken over.

Many anxious people are also aware that their concern is unreal and that they should not feel any apprehension in such situations. However, they still cannot stop the anxiety. It overwhelms them, and they don’t know what to do.


The Anxiety of Anxiety?

It is common to become anxious about experiencing the symptoms of anxiety.

There are some people who find hyperventilation so frightening that anxiety of anxiety is a result of this overwhelming feeling. As you can see, this is a kind of vicious circle that can have an extreme effect on your happiness and your daily life.

After a while, you will, therefore, become anxious just by thinking about the symptoms of anxiety. You will no longer be able to do what you like and carry out everyday activities.


How Can You Master Anxiety?

First and most importantly, don’t delay or hesitate to seek professional help if you feel that you are not able to find a manageable solution to your anxiety.

Disclaimer: The pointers in this post are not associated with, neither do they replace professional or medical advice. It is important you don’t delay or hesitate to seek professional help if you feel that you are not able to find a manageable solution to your anxiety.

There are many studies on the issue of anxiety that help us understand what we can do to master anxiety in our lives (yes, it is possible).



Meditation, mindfulness, and deep breathing are just examples of those techniques. In the aspect of yoga practice meditation and breathing techniques are covered and form part of your yoga practice.

Mindfulness is something your practice and master and it ultimately becomes a lifestyle in addition to your yoga practice.

These activities help bring a sense of calm and focus into your life, helping you master any anxiety where possible.


Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have strengths and weaknesses. What is interesting is that each strength is associated with weakness and each weakness with a strength. Choose which extreme you want to pay attention to. Use your strengths and learn from your weaknesses.


Stop Judging

We all tend to judge people based on our ideologies or moral codes. In this way, we consider those who stray from our patterns of thinking to be at best inappropriate, and worst amoral.

People are different, and this is where the beauty of being human lies. Learning to free our thoughts from the duality of good and bad helps us to have a richer vision of the people around us and our feelings toward us.


Become Assertive

Assertiveness is the most effective way to manage the stress that can lead to anxiety. Do not confuse it with aggression, passivity or avoidance. Assertiveness is a way of life that you can put into practice to handle the pressure.

Learn to say “no” firmly but politely, and set your priorities.


Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

By learning to recognize and express your emotions, you develop your emotional intelligence. That way, emotional intelligence can help you succeed in mastering anxiety.

Our emotions send us bodily signals when we experience them. Emotional intelligence allows us to detect them and become aware of what is happening inside us when we experience a strong emotion.

Emotional intelligence means to understand what is going on inside us. In some ways, it allows us to restore a sense of appeasement within ourselves, once we are aware of our emotional intelligence.


Express Your Emotions

Expressing your emotions to master anxiety may sound easy to understand, but it is the aspect where people happen to make the most mistakes.

Expressing your emotions doesn’t mean being unpleasant or to discredit other people. However, it is about being able to express your emotions constructively, both positive and negative.

The majority of relationships fail because of the inability to express emotions in a healthy manner. This often results in unnecessary anxiety, stress and everything contrary to a peaceful, abundant and zen filled lifestyle.




To conclude this topic, I have gathered some further reading and resource from other websites, ted.com and youtube videos that we hope will be of value to readers.

Comment and share your experiences and thoughts here. Also taking action on the tips suggested here will help you achieve the zen you want in your life.

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