Unique Self-Care Ideas

Self-care is often overlooked and pushed aside for what we think are more important or pressing commitments. Here I will discuss some unique self-care ideas you can try or even implement because the truth is that finding ways to implement self-care in your life should be a priority.

Without it self-care, we cannot function at our optimum levels and therefore different areas of our life may be negatively impacted.

The modern lifestyle is a busy one, with individuals often rushing between commitments, however, there are still ways you can implement self-care in your life.

Here are some unique self-care ideas you can add to or use to start your self-care routine so that you can maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health.



1. Identify What Self-Care Means To You

We all have different needs and different ways of unwinding. Identify what self-care is the most effective for you. It may be taking a walk and getting outdoors, or curling up by the fire with a good book. It may be surrounding yourself with good friends, taking a bike ride, or soaking in a long, hot bath. Whatever it is, learn to define self-care for you as an individual so that you can better take care of yourself.


2. Establish A Routine

Once you understand what self-care works for you, add it to your routine. Commit to engaging the activity regularly until it becomes a habit, something that is simply a normal part of your life.


3. Get Regular, Good Quality Sleep


Unique Self Care Ideas


Establish a sleep routine so that you are getting enough high-quality sleep. Sleep is a critical part of maintaining good health and should not be underestimated. By implementing a sleep routine, you can ensure that you are getting enough rest and are therefore optimally prepared to perform at your best.


4. Eat A Balanced Diet

Diet and nutrition are both important parts of self-care and have a significant impact on your health. Make sure to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink sufficient water to keep hydrated, and avoid drinking soft drinks and processed foods. These contain unhealthy amounts of sugar and salt which really is not good for the heart or health as a whole.


5. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is has a positive impact, helping release dopamines (the happy hormone) and also great for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. You can learn more about yoga and its benefits on health and fitness here Exercise should be a part of any self-care routine.


6. Learn To Say ‘No’

The ability to establish boundaries can be important to self-care. Rather than simply saying yes to everything until things become unbearable or seemingly impossible, learn to say ‘no’ politely when you are busy or feeling under pressure.


7. Get Organised

A little organization can go a long way in regard to your self-care. Implementing strategies to be more organized can really help reduce your stress and improve your mental health.


8. De-Clutter Your Environment

Get rid of the rubbish and excess goods in your house; a cleaner, less cluttered space is great for your mental health as it will help to reduce stress levels.


9. Schedule Time To Yourself

It can often feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions. Make sure to schedule a time for your self-care and don’t allow this to be interrupted. This time scheduled for your self-care can include doing 5 to 10 minutes of meditation. Read more about meditation in my post here


10. Take A Break

If things are getting too much, take a break. It might be taking a few days off work, getting away for the weekend, or taking a longer vacation; regardless of the length, sometimes simply stepping out of the current environment you are in can be great for perspective and self-care.

Uniques Self Care Ideas

How Better Self-Care Can Lead To Success

When we invest in our selves using self-care it will not be a wasted effort. In fact, self-care is important if we want to optimize our performance in any area of our lives. That is how better self-care can lead to success. Taking the time to maintain our physical, emotional, and mental health can lead to success in many ways.

I include this as one of the unique self-care ideas because although we are aware self-care can lead to success, we do not consider this or connect either of them.

Self-care is often brushed aside for activities that are seen as more important. These activities include things such as business meetings, social commitments, family obligations. While these activities are important (and can in some cases contribute to self-care), it is important that we take time to ourselves when we need it.

Helps Us to Maintain Perspective

Self-care, regardless of the form, allows us the time to reflect and therefore better understand ourselves as individuals. We are better able to identify our triggers and put things into perspective, rearranging our priorities to understand what is important and what is not. This perspective contributes to a healthier life as we understand where stress is justified and where we should be more relaxed.

Helps Us to Keep Positive

Self-care is really good for managing and improving our mental and emotional wellbeing. People who invest time in taking care of themselves are likely to have a more optimistic outlook about life and people, and see the silver linings in bad situations. It is an effective way to maintain positive moods, rather than being caught up into darker emotions

Improves Our Relationships

By investing time in ourselves, we are better placed to interact with and support others. Self-care allows us to maintain our own health and therefore put us in a good place to be able to engage with others and maintain strong relationships.


Unique Self Care Ideas

Improves Our Work Performance

While self-care is sometimes seen as indulgent, it often has a much broader impact that goes beyond our own lives. People who invest in self-care are more likely to be healthier, both physically and mentally, and are therefore better prepared to perform at work.

They are likely to be more focused, more emotionally stable, and form stronger, more positive relationships.

All of these aspects mentioned above are highly beneficial in the workplace and will lead to greater performance.


Final Note

Again I will say I have mentioned the above as unique self-care ideas because they are right in front of us but we tend not to see them! Just because we are too distracted with everyday activities, we do not see these ideas as being important for our self-care from which we can benefit in all aspects of our lives.

It does take time to invest in self-care, although the benefits far outweigh this. Take the time to establish a good routine that includes self-care practices, whatever this looks like to you, and you will be sure to reap the rewards.

Self-care is an important component of maintaining good health and should not be overlooked or disregarded.

Take the time to share your thoughts and comments – I look forward to reading from you and I will surely respond.





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21 thoughts on “Unique Self-Care Ideas”

  1. Hey Ola, I think the topic of this article is awesome. Self care is something really important and someone showing the simple things you can do to take care of our selves is great. I like your pint 8, de-cluttering, very much. I find it very useful for myself but hardly see anyone speaking about the importance of that.
    Thank you for another great article and looking forward for more.

    1. Hi Rajith, thank you for stopping by and contributing with your comment. Yes, great pointer you made there – de-cluttering is not really discussed or thought of. I will be writing more content so stay tuned. Ola

  2. Hi Ola,
    I really like the picture that says self-care is not selfish. It is great for a person to take care of themselves.
    Thank you for providing this easy little guide to self-care. It makes it easy to make a small flyer that I can hang on the fridge or the bathroom mirror to reflect on.

    1. Hi Greg, thank you for stopping by – I think the picture says it all 🙂 Also you have given me a great idea about creating the flyer and putting it up – thanks for that, great stuff! Stay tuned for more content.

  3. I really enjoyed this post! People all over the world need to take care of themselves in order to be in the right state of mind to help others. Please keep sharing this type of content.

    1. Hi Duni – thank you for stopping by. Yes, I agree totally – taking time to care for yourself will create a mental state that helps you care and help others.

  4. It’s so good to be reminded that self care is important. I like that you recognize that it’s different for everyone. We decide what it is, then make sure to fit it into our schedules. Things like organizing aren’t usually pleasant to do, but they are very rewarding afterwards. Thank you for your ideas!

    1. Hi Jolene – thank you for stopping by. Yes, this is exactly the case – scheduling self-care or ‘me’ time is a blocker but when remove it we get the best from self-care activities.

  5. Hey Ola,

    I love your article. Self care, especially these days during this pandemic is so important. We need to work on ourselves every day, even if it’s only a small thing one day.

    I study and teach leadership and help people with their personal growth. One of the messages I have is to work on yourself every single day to make you the best you can be. The more valuable we make ourselves, the more value we can offer others. For me, that is what it’s all about…others.

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom, thank you for your comment – yes the times we are in currently requires even more that we should learn that ‘me’ time is not selfish but necessary. I enjoy reading your engaging articles on your site and will be visiting it.

    1. Hi Jason, thank you for stopping by. Glad to know you found some value in my article and I hope it is helpful for you.

  6. Hi, I’m a massive believer in self care and self worth. I think what you have posted here is very valuable and people could use everything you have mentioned to help maintain a sense of wellbeing for themselves and others.

    Its so important to do this. Really good post and great info.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Ali and thank you for sharing your thoughts on my post. Happy you found the information relevant and helpful. Ola

  8. Great post! Self care is something we often look past when dealing with our busy lives. You bring up some good points and I found your tips to be very helpful. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Hi Mayra

      Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s good to know you found the tips helpful and I will be putting out more so do stay tuned.

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