The Fundamental Principles Of Yoga

The fundamental principles of yoga reference it to be a helpful remedy if you tend to suffer from different things like stress, fatigue, sleeping disorder, and other similar issues.

It just needs a bit of practice, if possible regular practice and patience with yourself to see the results of your yoga practice.

Initially, you can face some issues but as time passes, you will learn the art of doing the yoga poses properly and you will start to relax after doing them.

Following below are some of the advantages which you can get from practicing yoga and having a regular yoga practice included in your lifestyle.

The Fundamental Principles Of Yoga


Increased Flexibility

Having a flexible body is the dream of almost every person but it can be hard to reach a certain level of flexibility without a proper exercise routine.

Yoga poses focus on helping you to increase stamina, flexibility, and length of your muscles.

I have seen people who started yoga when they were not even able to touch their toes, but after regular practice, they were able to bend down completely without any trouble touching their toes.

It is also good to note that the different yoga poses to get the most ignored parts of the body stretched, activated, and flexible.


Increased Use of Joints, Ligaments, and Tendons

As mentioned above yoga increases flexibility gained from the variety of yoga poses you can learn over time.

Every pose is well-thought and conceived so that you can activate those parts of the body which are normally ignored.

For example, the shoulder is a part of the body that can change our whole posture but we seldom do any exercise or movement which involves the shoulders.

In yoga, on the other hand, there are special postures which reduce stress and relax the shoulders in particular.

Ultimately the outcome following yoga poses that involve this part of the body is that your shoulders become strong and at the same time relaxed because you will hold less tension in your shoulders.

This improves your posture and reduces or even prevents backache if you are prone to that.


Increased Strength and Weight Management

Yoga asanas help you by increasing the overall strength of your body anatomy including your bones.

This increased strength increases support for your whole skeleton and it is a great way to achieve a healthy and toned body.

It not only increases the overall strength of your body, but it also helps you in maintaining weight once you have created a regular yoga practice routine.


Improved Blood Circulation

As always, whatever health issues are being experienced, you should seek medical advice and discuss it with your doctor or your health practitioner before starting any form of exercise including yoga.

There are different yoga poses that can improve blood circulation.

Yoga practice regulates blood and allows blood to flow more easily through the body.

This happens because yoga poses need to be achieved in a very precise way.

The poses ensure sure that the organs in the body are nourished and enriched with a fresh flow of blood through the circulation initiated by doing yoga poses.



When you do yoga, over a period of regular yoga practice, the muscles are stretched very gently and this allows and improves the circulation of blood in the whole body.

This also works as detoxification of the body through sweat released by the body during some of the yoga poses.


Stress Relief

Cortisol is a substance in the body that controls the amount of stress we experience. It is some times referred to as the stress hormone or the ‘fight or flight’ hormone.

Bad sleeping habits can lead to an increase in cortisol. This can result in an increase in belly fat and weight gain.

It has been observed that practicing yoga poses regularly helps to reduce the amount of cortisol in the human body. This ultimately helps manage the effects of stress on our lives whilst also helping in weight reduction


Focus On Present and Inner Peace

Inner peace is something which is rare in this busy, hectic world but through practicing yoga you can develop this rare quality in yourself.

Along with physical health, improving mental health is also a feature of practicing yoga poses because it creates harmony between thought, mind, and the actions of the body.

Yoga allows you to converge and focus your thoughts on a life purpose or goal one step at a time. It avoids all the distractions and empowers your mind to think very clearly about the success.


Yoga is Beneficial for All Age Groups

Yoga practice is not specific to any age group. Some yoga teachers recommend older age groups start doing yoga if they haven’t because it will help keep their joints supple as they get older.

Yoga can be practiced whether you are young or old.

Stamina increases with practice and people who have been practicing yoga poses from a young age can become an experienced guru as they get older.


Better Breathing And Body Awareness

When you keep practicing yoga for longer periods of time, you get a sense of awareness about your body and you know exactly what is going on.  You find that you listen to what your body is telling you.

This helps you identify any issues or disorders early enough to know that you probably need to seek a solution including medical support where necessary.

When you learn better breathing techniques from your yoga practice, you feel comfortable. There are techniques in yoga which can enable you to relax in minutes.

These breathing techniques do not require any particular environment or timing and you can execute them even while sitting at your desk in your office to relax.




Once you start enjoying yoga then, everything will start to make sense. This is because once you start you begin to see the advantages of practicing yoga poses and the relaxation that follows them.

If you have been looking for inner peace and harmony of your thoughts to achieve some serious goals in your life then, yoga can provide you with that kind of peace and harmony. Feel free to comment and share here.




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