8 Healthy Lifestyle Ideas

Here I have provided 8 healthy lifestyle ideas which are easy and simple to follow. Maintaining a list of healthy lifestyle choices is an advantage when it comes to strengthening our immune system. While most people adopt healthy behaviours when they are sick, it is best that you try to include these ideas with your lifestyle choices to be able to sustain a healthy body.


8 Healthy Lifestyle Ideas

Here are eight healthy lifestyle ideas that will help in strengthening your body’s ability to fight illnesses and viruses while boosting your immune system and keeping it strong and healthy.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids will help your body flush the toxins that could cause sickness. 75% of people a dehydrated consistently, and that’s probably one of the main reasons why most of us get sick or don’t recover fast from illnesses.

Water is critical to flush any toxins from our body. If we don’t have enough water, we can’t get rid of the toxins fast enough. Toxins can be in the form of viruses or bacteria.

Drinking plenty of water can fight off infection. You can start increasing your water consumption by always having a bottle with you that you can refill. It is recommended to get around 2 to 3 liters of water per day.


2. Get Enough Sleep

People with a healthy immune system get from 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in supporting our immune system since it helps produce cytokines.  Hence we need to understand the importance of getting enough sleep.

Cytokine is a protein that reduces inflammation and infection in the body.

You can increase your sleep by having a sleep routine and avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, or screen time 1-3 hours before bed.

Sleep deprivation is very prevalent in our society, and based on research chances are that you experience sleep deprivation during a month. Sleep is crucial for the body’s production of cytokines.

People who don’t get enough sleep tend to get sicker. To ensure that your immune system is functioning optimally, you need to make sure that you implement a sleep routine that allows you to get 7 to 8 hours of adequate sleep.


3. Exercise

Daily activity can strengthen the immune system across the lifespan

Not only does frequent exercise boost our immunity, but it also seems to delay its aging. Allowing us to maintain an optimal immune system as we grow older.

Daily exercise can be as simple as a 20 to 30-minute walk. You can also add yoga or Pilates to your routine.

Daily exercise or visits to the gym 3 time a week where possible is a great choice to enhance your healthy lifestyle. The effects of sitting all day at your office desk or being a ‘couch potato’ at home are not healthy lifestyle choices.

This can impact your health negatively and can lead to an increase in cholesterol in your body, which links to high blood pressure. Since the heart and the immune system work together as a strong team against disease, it is crucial to keep the heart-healthy. It can lead to weight gain, arthritis, and heart conditions so it is clear that having a daily exercise is very important.


4. Manage Stress

Do you tend to allow stress to control your life?

If so, it’s time to consider a stress release technique to ensure you stay healthy. Stress is a significant contributor to illnesses.

One person out of three reports feeling very stressed in their daily life, which tends to put us at risk of activating harmful viruses that may be in our system.

People with a healthy immune system have learned to tame the stress in their life. They have found ways to change their perspective to be less reactive about various situations that may arise. The more stress reduction activities you can bring in your life, the stronger your immune system will become.

People with a robust immune system use mindfulness or other techniques to help them tame the stress in their life.


5. Eat Healthily

Anything that comes in a box, in the freezer section of the store or a can, should be avoided; unless you are 100% sure that no sugar or salt is added to the food.

You can change your diet to be mostly whole food. By cutting the processed food, reduce the chances of inflammation in the body.

Food is essential to the body to work optimally. People with strong immunity eat a diet rich in vitamin E, vitamin D, and selenium. Lentils, fish, garlic, leafy greens, nuts, citrus fruits are all excellent choices of foods that are high in nutrients and antioxidants that are known to boost the immune system. Berries such as blueberries and fruits are also great choices to include in clean healthy eating.

You should also avoid sugar as much as you can, since it hurts your metabolism, and can cause chronic diseases like diabetes or heart problems. Chronic diseases increase your risk of getting sick from a virus.


6. Walk More

Walking is good since it helps to keep the mind strong, as well as the body. To get the benefits we should walk as an exercise for 30 minutes five or more times a week.

A sedentary lifestyle will likely increase the cholesterol in your body. It is also connected with higher blood pressure.

Since the heart and the immune system work together as a strong team against disease, it is crucial to keep the heart-healthy. Daily exercise is very important.


7. Eat Whole Foods

You can click here to try some clean eating recipes. Examples of whole foods to include as part of your healthy lifestyle choices include:


Fish and, more specifically, tuna is an excellent source of selenium.


If you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, lentils are a great substitute to fish.


Another vegetable that has a similar effect on our immune system as zinc is garlic.


Berries, in general, are packed with antioxidants.

Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower seeds are very high in vitamin E.

These foods are ingredients that you can add to your meals, especially when you approach the flu season. Click here to read more in an earlier post.


8. Change Your Mindset

You can change your mindset by being more positive and live in the present moment. An excellent way to start improving your attitude is to focus on gratitude.

Mindfulness the ability to stay in the present moment and stop worrying about the past or the future.





Final Thoughts

There is a lot of discussion around this topic of healthy lifestyle choices. There is also a lot of information available to help you make informed decisions. As consult your medical practitioner before making any health changes.

Share experience and comment here and I will respond. As always I have simply summarised my findings and made this available to readers because this is an important topic to consider when we think about living lives filled with zen and as much joy we could wish for.




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  1. This is a really great reminder of ways to reduce stress in one’s life.
    And right now we need these more than ever with what is happening
    in our world.
    Some would say only shop the perimeter of the grocery store. There is
    nothing good for you on the inside of the store.
    Thank you for the informative reminders.

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks for highlighting the reminder about using these tips to reduce stress, although the post covered a variety of areas where we should factor in healthy lifestyle habits. Thanks for sharing. Ola

  2. Thank you for this reminder. Most of us are aware of atleast some of the healthy habits and we try to apply then too. But its much harder to maintain these healthy habits when there is so much temptation out there.

    Many Thanks for the reminder

    Best wishes

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