How To Get Your Life Organized

In my earlier post, I discussed ‘what is a cluttered life‘. In this post, we will take a look at how to get your life organized, give some simple tips you can use as a guide and you can add to them as you progress.

Are you ready to take control of your life once more and learn how to organize it so you can enjoy better mental well-being?

Then read on to discover a few simple tips.


How To Get Your Life Organized

Reduce Your Obligations and Commitments

The first step to getting your life organized is to look at your various obligations and commitments. Do you really need all of them in your life? Are there some activities that you could quit to give yourself more time to unwind or spend with those who really matter?

It’s time to weed out anything that you can live without or that makes you anything less than happy. If it isn’t necessary and you don’t love it, and it’s possible to ditch it, then let it go.

The next thing to do is to be selective when you take on any new activities or pastimes.

Before you agree to anything or leap right into something new, take the time to think about it and ask yourself a few questions. For example, do you really want to do this new activity? Will it add something beneficial and positive to your life? Or will it be a drain on your emotional resources?

Make a decision based on your answers to those questions.


Reduce Your Use of Social Media

So what is social media? They include websites and applications (apps) that users can use to create and share content or to participate in social networking. In recent times this includes:

  • FaceBook – used for social networking
  • Facebook Live – used for video sharing
  • Twitter – used for microblogging
  • Instagram – used for photo/post sharing
  • Snapchat – used for photo sharing
  • Pinterest – used for info/photo/post sharing and posts referred to as ‘pins’
  • LinkedIn – used for professional networking
  • YouTube – video sharing
  • Vimeo – used for video sharing
  • TikTok – used for video sharing

The list is not exhaustive as I am sure there are a few social media platforms I have not mentioned here, and that maybe because I am not yet familiar with them.

But I am sure most of you are familiar with the social media platforms I have listed above. When social media platforms are listed out as I have done above, it brings to reality the role this plays in our lives.

Can we actually account for the many hours we spend on most of these social media platforms? And I believe most people are caught up in this.

Social media is proven to be one of the biggest causes of ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO).

It stands to reason that we look at other people’s profiles and often feel jealous of the lives that other people seem to be living. However, it’s important to remember that in most cases, people present the image of their lives that they want others to see rather than depicting the real truth of their situation.

A family can appear to be perfect on a Facebook profile or in an Instagram photo, but the members could all be suffering on the inside, without those scrolling past recognizing it.

Never compare what you are going through inside of you to what other people’s persona which they present to us on the outside of their own lives.

Unless you are a Digital Marketer for example, and need to use social media platforms for your Digital Marketing work, then there would be a reason to use and be active on these social media platforms to achieve those digital marketing strategies.

But if you are just browsing through these platforms for hours on end and it is not even work-related, then you are not really gaining much or helping yourself to achieve anything – social media platforms can be addictive and that is the whole purpose – to keep you the viewer browsing on the platform for as long as possible.

If you’re finding social media platforms are causing you to struggle mentally, or you’re finding that you’re spending more and more time scrolling through pages rather than getting on with your life, resulting in your life being disorganized, then it’s time to reduce your social media usage.


How Do You Get Started With Reducing Social Media Usage?

Short of actually deleting your profiles, you might find that a simple place to begin is simply to sign out of your profiles when you’ve finished checking them.

If you have to go through the rigmarole of signing in every single time you want to check your notifications, you’ll soon begin to reduce your usage.

You can switch off notifications so that you are not constantly bombarded with updates.

If this doesn’t work for you, you should try leaving your phone in another room or in an inaccessible location for part of the day, and never keeping it by the bed at night. This will help you to limit the amount of time you spend on social media.

Also, set yourself the disciple of ‘downtime’, that is no social media after a certain time of the day, importantly before going to bed. That way you will not spend the evening scrolling through your social media and instead, you get a good nights sleep.

Another way to get your life organized is to reduce your routines and you can read how you can do this below.

Reconsider Your Routines

Are your routines causing you mental strain? Then it’s time to give them an overhaul. It can be all too tempting to stay stuck in a rut because change is scary, but that’s rarely a good course of action when you’ve lost control over your life.

Take a look at how you spend each day. Is it working for you? Which elements are causing you to struggle? How could you move them around to make life easier or less stressful?

For example, if you’ve scheduled a workout at the gym before you go to the office but you’re struggling to get out of bed because you’re so exhausted and then find it difficult to focus at work for the rest of the day because you lack energy, it’s time to look at how you can make adjustments.

Consider moving the gym to after work, or even to your lunch hour, and take some extra time in bed so you can be well-rested and increase your productivity at work.

Final Thought – Just Say No

One of the best things that you can do to organize your life more effectively is to just say ‘no’. It sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

But what is more important – saying ‘yes’ and agreeing to do something you are not inclined or happy to do, or feeling that freedom that you can be positively assertive and say ‘no’ with the added result that your life can be organized with reduced stress.

Don’t be afraid of hurting other people or of losing their friendship or love.

Anyone who cares for you will not think any worse of you if you back out of an ongoing commitment that you don’t have time for, or if you refuse to attend an event or participate in an activity because you simply can’t fit it into your life.

Saying no can be very difficult, especially if you’ve never really done it before. However, once you start practising, you’ll find it very liberating.

You will never need to accept an invitation that you don’t want to accept again. You’ll never need to go to an event that you dread or participate in a time-consuming activity just because someone else wants you to.

It is great to hear from readers so feel free to share your thoughts and comment on this post and I will respond.

Sometimes, it’s ok to put yourself first, and when you’re trying to take back control of your life, figuring out how to get your life organized and improving your mental well- being, it’s perfectly acceptable to decline politely.







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