How To Declutter Your Home In A Week – Days 5 to 6

Let us move on gradually through the decluttering process. This post will guide you on how to declutter your home in a week, days 5 to 6. Now, it’s time to tackle your storage spaces to make room for those boxes of things you want to keep after you’ve finished decluttering your home.

Day 5: Declutter Your Attic, Basement And Storage Spaces

Day 5 is dedicated to getting rid of some serious major junk and will probably be the hardest day of the challenge. Understandably, an attic, basement, or other storage space is one of the most dreaded when it comes to decluttering.

Most of us use the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ principle when it comes to storage spaces. We check anything and everything in there with no method to the madness. Hopefully, the task won’t be too overwhelming with a little bit of organization, with the following steps:

  1. Work your way around the space, starting on the right side and decluttering as you go until you have made a full circle.
  2. Place boxes in the center of the space to fill with the stuff you will donate or throw away, as well as larger items that don’t fit into boxes.
  3. Make sure you label boxes clearly with ‘throw out’, ‘donate” or ‘sell’.
  4. Make sure you go through everything, putting what you have sorted for keeping along the sides of the space. You can organize everything later. Day 5 is just for decluttering.

If you have an attic, basement, and large storage closets, choose only one storage space to declutter thoroughly on this day. You can declutter other storage spaces later after you have completed the challenge and given yourself some rest.

The goal here is to declutter one space to make room for your boxes of ‘home clutter’.

Hopefully, these steps will make your task a little easier.

Start decluttering as follows:

Broken Furniture

Get rid of broken furniture. If it’s been lying there for a long time, it’s never going to get fixed. Throw it out – or schedule a definite date to get it fixed if you can’t part with it.

Holiday Decorations etc

Get rid of old holiday decorations, worn-out luggage, boxes of clothes, and unused sports gear and tools. Remember, these things are stored away because you don’t use them.

Remember to be decisive. Keep only what you really do need to keep stored (such as camping gear) and ditch the rest.

Expensive items

Expensive things like exercise bikes and other sports equipment can be kept if you think you will need them in the future – otherwise, consider selling them for some extra cash.


Sort tools and other small items and consider if you want to invest in shelving to keep these things organized.

Is that item ‘junk’?

The likelihood is that most of the stuff in your storage space is junk.

Why is that spare tyre lying there taking up space? What are you planning to do with that box of broken Christmas tree ornaments? Why are those faded lawn chairs stacked against the wall when you have a perfectly good set of new ones?

I think you get the idea. Get rid of it and be amazed at all the space you will free up.

Make a resolution to never let your storage space become a junkyard again!


Day 6: Organize Your Rooms

Congratulations! All the hard work is done. The next two days are the most enjoyable part of the challenge because now, you can get creative and have some real fun!


Here’s what you need to do:

Go through each room

Go through each room you’ve decluttered, and take a good look around.

Ask yourself if there’s anything you can declutter further, such as unused pieces of furniture, digital screens, lamps, and other items.

Determine The Goal Of Each Room

Determine the goal of each room and whether everything is arranged to fulfill the maximum purpose of that room.


For example, the goal of your bedroom is good quality sleep but you may also be using it as a personal workspace.

In this case, the room should be optimally arranged to suit these two goals. Consider if your desk and computer are positioned in a separate area of the room, perhaps near a window with a nice view.

Double-check that it is thoroughly decluttered, streamlined, and neat. Ideally, the only thing that should be on your desktop is your PC.

Your bed should be positioned with nothing crowding around it and plenty of room to get in and out. Consider removing extra chairs and tables that could be causing a cluttered, crowded look.

Living Room

Another example is the living room. The goal of this room is possible to relax, watch TV and spend time with your family. Rearrange the furniture so that you have nice open spaces where kids can move around.

Tables should be within arm’s reach and the TV should be positioned where it is easy for several people to gather around and watch.


Your kitchen table should not have more chairs than you need and should be positioned where it is easy to navigate around.

Whether this table is used for eating, preparing food, or doing homework, it should always be bare except when it’s being used.


Sort Out Those Cables

Sort out cluttered cables, which can be a real eyesore if you have several electronic devices in one room like computers, stereos, and TVs.

Not only does this make a space look untidy, but it can also be a downright hazard as well.

The good news is that there are several ways to solve this problem, such as cable clips, cable cords, and other innovative solutions.

Make a note of all the rooms that contain cable clutter so that you can buy the required solution ASAP.

Make sure that everything has a ‘home’, meaning a designated place where it can easily be found. Each room should be clear of all but the bare essentials.

Everything else should be stored away in the space you’ve made for it when decluttering.

Remove wall art and small rugs and place them against the wall.

The goal of day 6 is to make your rooms as open and streamlined as possible, but also, to give you a ‘clean canvas’ to work with on day 7.


Day 5 was dedicated to getting rid of some serious major junk! I hope that was not too challenging.

The goal of day 6 was to make your rooms as open and streamlined as possible, but also, to give you a ‘clean canvas’ to work with on day 7.

Make sure to read the final tips to complete this 7-day challenge that I will publish shortly in the next post.

Finally, do you want to take steps to declutter your mind? Read my post here and learn tips on how to do that.




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