How To Declutter Your Home In A Week – Day 7

The final day of the challenge requires the least physical work but a lot of creative mental thinking. You discovered how to declutter you home in a week and you should feel good with yourself getting to day 7 of this challenge!

Finally, you are going to add the finishing touches that will transform your home. For day 7 of this challenge, you will need a notepad and a pencil.

Day 7: The Finishing Touches

Go through each of the rooms you have decluttered and reorganized. The rooms should look as minimal as possible with bare floors and walls. Your job is to assess the following:

• Look at the arrangement and color coordination of the room and decide where the rugs should be placed and if you want to put all or some of them back. It could be that the room will look better with one nice, big rug without the smaller rugs you had previously scattered around.

• Do the same with the wall art you have removed. You may prefer to rehang it all or just have one or two pieces. You may even decide that you would prefer to buy some new pieces of wall art.

• Make sure the curtains are in good condition and match the furniture, or whether it’s time to buy new ones.

• Decide if you will buy a few pretty plants and where you will put them.

• For your bathroom and storage space, consider purchasing wall organizers or extra shelving to keep everything neat and tidy.

• Consider whether the children’s rooms need shelving where all their school supplies, toys and other belongings can be organized neatly and easy to find.

• As you go through each room, write down what you need to buy, add or remove to complete the transformation.

• Now comes the really fun part. Go out and shop for all your new additions!

The key idea after decluttering is to keep it simple.  But simple doesn’t have to be cold, sparse or boring. With less clutter and a few colorful touches, your home will become a cozy, inviting zen haven which is part of what we at want to help you achieve! Every room will exude warmth and comfort while being optimally functional and easy to keep clean and tidy.

This should be your goal on Day 7 – adding those final touches that will totally transform your freshly decluttered home.

Tips To Help You Breeze Through The Challenge

Keep these tips in mind while going through the challenge. They will help ensure that your home remains clutter-free for years to come.

Digitize Your Media

This is a great idea if you’re a music or movie buff who owns hundreds of CDs. Putting all your media on your computer will not only enable you to find what you need more easily, but will also minimize clutter and free up loads of space.

Invest in organizers

Spend an hour online and check out how far this industry has come. There are literally hundreds of organizers in all shapes, sizes and colors and many of them are pretty cool.  They include everything from small boxes to organize makeup and accessories, tiered baskets to organize soap, shampoo and towels in your bathroom closet to colored folders to organize important papers and keep your drawers uncluttered. Organizers are a great investment for keeping things orderly and minimizing clutter.

Label Boxes Clearly When You Are Decluttering

For things you intend to store, label boxes for ‘clothes’, ‘Christmas decorations’, ‘toys’ and so on. Things you will not keep should be sorted in boxes labeled ‘donate’, ‘throw out’ and ‘sell’.

You Can’t Decide What To Discard?

If you are undecided about what to keep and what to discard, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I assuming that I will really need this in the future? (If yes, store it away.)
  • Do I have another item that will serve as a duplicate to this one? (If yes, get rid of it.)
  • Does this item bring me joy and have happy memories? (If yes, store it away in a drawer or cupboard.)
  • Can I convert this to digital format? This applies to documents, newspapers and magazines you may want to read later. Simply scan them and store them on your computer.
  • Be firm. If you find you are having trouble parting with things, remember why you are decluttering in the first place.
  • Take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of each room to keep yourself fired up, but also to be able to see how much you’ve accomplished and give yourself a nice treat!
  • Go hard on clothing items unless they have real sentimental value like a wedding dress or your baby’s first pair of shoes. Remember that fashions change, people lose or gain weight and really, nothing is easier to replace than clothes.
  • Build extra storage. Consider building additional storage space, such as cupboards above doors, shelving in the attic or basement or a bathroom closet if you don’t have one.
  • Use hooks behind doors and inside cupboards to hand up bathrobes, coats and small kitchen utensils.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we accumulate in our homes over the years? This 7-day challenge will really bring you to that realisation.

Hopefully, it will make you determined not to repeat the experience.

So, what’s next? After taking a well-deserved break, you can consider other spaces to declutter, such as your yard, your office and even your car. Once you see how decluttering can transform a space and bring you so much calm, you will want every personal space you are in to be as tidy and organized.

More importantly, you will also be very wary of replacing your old clutter with new clutter. This is a real breakthrough. Buying less and spending less time shopping for new stuff will save you time and money to do the things you really love. That is a huge added bonus.

After completing the challenge, there’s only one thing left to do. Give your house a thorough cleaning! Life is going to be so much easier from now on.

Best of luck on your decluttering journey!





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