How To Balance Your Chakras Through Meditation

Balancing your chakras is a good way to start if you want to get the best out of any form of zen meditation.  Here I will discuss how to balance your chakras through meditation. When you balance your chakras using this simple method, you will also raise your vibrations and this will also help you get the best experience from meditation. Once you attain this state where your chakras are balanced and cleared from any blocks, it enhances achieving and manifesting goals.


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What Are Chakras?

There are lots of different chakras but here I will be referencing the 7 core chakras.

They are energy points in the body, located along the spine from the tailbone to the brain. Although the spine is a physical entity, chakras can’t be seen.

Chakras have energy coiled within them and when you know how to balance your chakras through meditation, this energy flows freely through the chakras. Chakras can be ‘blocked’ and each needs to be ‘unblocked’ if this is the case.

They play an important role where a person has a high energy vibration. This high energy vibration helps to attract good events in their life.

You don’t need to pay an energy healer to clear ‘blocked’ chakras. Learn how to balance your chakras through meditation.


How To Identify When Chakras Are Blocked

When a chakra is blocked or unbalanced, the natural flow of energy in your body gets closed off and the available energy gets redirected to more functional chakras.

This can result in some chakras becoming hyperactive and some simply shutting down. Blocked chakras can have a negative impact on your physical and or mental well being.

To be able to identify whether chakras have any imbalances or blocks, start by learning the details about each chakra and associated signs of imbalance. This will help you understand chakra blockages.

Chakras can present under or over activity through the unique symptoms which each of them displays.

Once you start to recognize the symptoms, it will be relatively easy to associate the symptoms with the chakras that you want to focus on and unblock with meditation techniques.

Calmly meditating is a good way to restore your chakra(s) to health and harmony.

What Is Chakra Meditation?

When a chakra is blocked or imbalanced as explained earlier, it can result in physical or emotional discomfort.

After a blocked chakra has been identified, it is important to do some work to open it. One of the best methods to open blocked chakras is by using meditation.

There are some meditation programs that target blocked chakras and which have been developed specifically to clear, unblock, and balance your chakras.

Chakra meditation can also be used to calmly control energy in and out of chakras. This is because chakras can experience an under or overabundance of energy flowing through them and this can have a negative effect on your well being if not controlled.

When you learn how to balance your chakras through meditation, chakra meditation can be used to control the flow of energy in and out of the chakras.

How can Meditation Clear Your Chakras?

Chakras are energy points found along the spine. They are interconnected and so it is better if you are a beginner, to meditate on all of the chakras and bring the entire system into balance.

Through meditation, you can gain experience in being able to focus and meditate on individual chakras.

When you learn to identify blocks or imbalances specific to each chakra, you can open or clear each chakra through targeted meditation.


Make Yourself Comfortable

If you are new to meditation, a beginner, or have experience meditating, you just need to find a calm, quiet, and peaceful place most likely at home.

Make sure that you will not be distracted or interrupted for at least half an hour.

I like to sit or actually lie down especially after I have finished a yoga session. You can find somewhere comfortable to sit on a cushion, rug, or mat and then cross or stretch your legs.

If you prefer, you can sit upright in a comfortable chair. Whichever position you do choose, place your hands facing open and limp on your thighs or flat beside you if you are lying down.


How To Balance Your Chakras Through Meditation


If you are sitting down you should sit with your spine straight from your hips through to the base of your neck, and tilt your head so your chin is gently downward.

Sit upright as though you were gently being pulled upward from the top of your head. If you are lying down, lengthen your whole body and gently release so that you are relaxed, not tense.

Ensure the hollow of your lower back is not pressed into the floor and the slight curve in your lower back is in position.

Let your hands fall limp and open on the floor on each side of you.

Close your eyes and start to breathe gently for a few minutes. After a few minutes start to breathe evenly and deeply and with each inhale let your tummy expand like a balloon and also feel your chest expand.

Hold this breath for a few seconds. Exhale gently and calmly letting your chest fall and your tummy release all the air until it is flat.

Keep your eyes closed while you breathing and you will begin to sense peace and calm. Feel yourself relax, including your mind and whole body.

Start by visualizing and focusing gently on each chakra, from the base root to the top of your head or the crown. As you do this visualization, you can form a picture of the energy flowing into that chakra and through.

Each chakra is associated with a color and you can use these colors during your meditation and visualization. Focus on each chakra with the attention required for several minutes and then you should start to visualize vibrant energy flowing through the chakra.

By the time this focused attention reaches the crown chakra, you should have a clear visual image of positive energy flowing all the way through your chakras from the root to the crown.

Your meditation is finished and you should practice the breaths again before you come out of the position you chose to do your meditation.


Tools To Use For Chakra Meditation

Manifestation Magic by Alexander Wilson


If you are just starting to do chakra meditation, it can be confusing when you have to keep track of the colors and energy centers that you need to visualize and focus on. There are quite a few guided meditation tools that you can use to help.

I have been using Manifestation Magic, a guided meditation tool created by Alexander Wilson, for more than a year. It is a guided meditation tool that includes chakra meditation that you can use for each individual chakra or all of the chakras depending on what suits you. Each chakra mediation lasts for 10mins. The chakra meditation tool also uses guided meditation to help you clear your thoughts towards abundance and money as a whole. This helps with changing the mindset in relation to what you want to achieve in the area of work, business, and financial independence and empowers you to live the life of your dreams.

I also use the Manifestation Magic App, which is very effective because it is simply ‘plug and play’ meaning I can use other types of guided meditation while I go about my day. Not every type of mediation has to be done in a quiet room. I like to use the app while traveling on the train or airplane if I don’t feel like reading a book for example. Click here to find out more about Manifestation Magic.

If you would like to learn more about simple meditation techniques click here to read the blog post on

Wishing You Peace And Lots of Zen

I hope you find useful information here that shows you how to balance your chakras through meditation.

There is a lot of information about chakra meditation and I wanted to bring this information in a clear and simple way to help readers interested in this understand how to go about clearing or unblocking chakras using meditation and enhancing the opportunity to create zen and peace in their lives.

To your peace and zen.




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  1. Thank you for your article. Personally I’ve never meditated with chakras. Somehow always choosed some other kinds of meditation. Maybe it’s time to follow your guided meditation and try it 🙂

    1. Thank you and yes Chakra Meditation is simple to do. From my experience, it is easily done as part of yoga exercise.

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