How To Declutter Your Home In A Week – Days 2 to 4

Following my previous post, this post will guide you on how to declutter your home in a week, days 2 to 4.

Brace yourself!

You’re going to be absolutely astonished at all the stuff you will find stashed away in your kitchen cupboards, totally forgotten!

You’ll probably find stuff you bought and never used as well; pasta machines, mini-blenders and other gadgets you thought would make your life so much easier when you bought them.


Day 2: Declutter your kitchen

  • Again, apply the trusty 6 – 12-month rule here with no buts, while going through every cupboard and drawer in your kitchen. Get rid of everything you have not used within that timeframe. The likelihood that you will ever use it or that it’s necessary for your kitchen is almost nil.


  • Keep only the essentials. You don’t need 10 spatulas, 6 baking dishes, and 30 mugs if your family consists of 4 people. Keep only the items you need to keep your kitchen functioning and ditch the rest.


  • Get rid of duplicate gadgets and appliances. For example, if you have a multi-purpose kitchen machine, it can serve as a blender, juicer, mixer, and food chopper, so you can get rid of other similar gadgets.


  • Place working appliances and other sorted items into boxes. They can be donated or sold in a garage sale to make you some extra cash.


  • Go through spices, canned goods, and other food items and throw out anything that has expired. If you have a pantry, declutter that as well and place all food items in it to make room in your cupboards.


  • Declutter your countertops by placing items on them in your now-emptied cupboards. Your countertops should be bare except for the things you use every day like a coffee machine, kettle, fruit bowl, or blender.


  • Group utensils and cutlery in drawers where they are easy to find.


  • Get rid of chipped and cracked plates and glasses, stained pots, and rusty utensils.


  • Separate pots from pans and sort them in different cupboards. Make sure you match everything with its proper lid.


  • Sort essential plastic containers and make sure each has a matching lid.

Day 2 Completed

When you are done, your drawers and cupboards should contain much less than they did before and countertops should be bare except for essential appliances and items.


Day 3 – Declutter bathrooms

Bathrooms can get easily cluttered with expired medicines and beauty products as well as a lot of unnecessary stuff that isn’t used on a daily basis or has gone bad. Thoroughly decluttering your bathroom is actually essential for your safety and the safety of your family.

  • Invest in small baskets and organizers that fit into your bathroom cupboards to sort and store hair styling products, makeup, soap, and face towels. In the meantime, you can sort these items in small plastic bags for the decluttering process and buy baskets and organizers later.


  • Start with the medicine cabinet and carefully go through everything, throwing out anything that has expired. Sort prescription medication on an upper self, first aid products on another shelf, and general medications like painkillers and aspirin on another. You may want to consider small baskets to organize these items as well.


  • Next, go through all cupboards, drawers, and bathroom closets and get rid of old or expired products, as well as ones you’ve bought but never used.


  • Once you have made room in the cupboards, clear the sink counter of everything except essential daily-use items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap dispenser, and deodorant. Items like shampoo, conditioner, and daily-use beauty products can be placed on the lower shelf of the cupboard where they are easily accessible.


  • Since bathroom storage is usually limited, remember not to overstock on shampoo, toilet paper, and other toiletries so that your storage space is always organized and roomy. Consider keeping these items in a hall closet near the bathroom if you have one.

Day 3 Completed

Ideally, once you are done, your bathrooms should be completely bare except for a few items on the sink. The cupboards and drawers should be much roomier now as well so that you can later organize your items neatly.


Day 4: Declutter living and family room

Take a good look around your living room and you’ll notice that there’s a lot of miscellaneous stuff cluttered on shelves, tables, and maybe even in corners.

  • Start by decluttering books, magazines, newspapers, and CDs.  Again, use boxes to sort these things. Keep only books that you know you will read again. Get rid of novels and other books that you’ve read once.


  • Get rid of piles of magazines and newspapers. This is also a good time to take note of any subscriptions that you don’t need to renew. Sort everything in boxes to donate or throw away


  • Sort your CDs and again, keep only the ones you do use.


  • Get rid of broken remote controls, unused cables, and other clutter around your entertainment center.


  • Get rid of knickknacks that are crowding shelves and tables. Store them away if you really love them. Keep only a few beautiful pieces that will stand out and catch the eye.


  • Declutter board games and other toys and get rid of the ones you don’t use anymore. A good idea is to keep these items stored in a decorative chest in a corner of the room.


  • Declutter your furniture. If your living room is crowded with end tables, footrests, floor pillows, chairs that nobody uses, and other superfluous pieces of furniture, consider getting rid of these items to have a more open and streamlined space.


  • Keep only the functional items that you and your family really use. You will be amazed at how much more open space you can create by getting rid of these items.

Day 4 Completed

There you have it! You have decluttered the major rooms in your home in just four days!




There you have it! If you started with day 1 in the post prior to this, you have decluttered the major rooms in your home in just four days!

Now, give yourself a big pat on the back, and let’s move on to what you need to do next to complete the challenge in days 5 to 6. You are welcome to join me in the next post here where we move on to how to declutter your home in a week, days 5 to 6.

Most importantly read my post here and learn tips on how to declutter your mind.






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  1. I laughed out loud when you said, “you don’t need 10 spatulas!” I could see myself getting through these days and being very motivated at the end! Great tips. I am starting Monday!

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