About Zenaai

Hi everyone, welcome to Zenaai, and thank you for stopping by.

My name is Ola and I have been doing yoga and pilates workouts for quite a few years. These activities amongst other things are an aspect of my lifestyle. My focus has always been on the variety of poses and breathing exercises you learn to do with yoga and pilates. Recently I have learned about the power of meditation using tones (megahertz) and other methods. I have found this very effective and especially helpful for being able to organize and focus on daily activities with some level of calm!

Amongst other things, when I am not working I enjoy arts and crafts, reading and watching crime thrillers, outdoor and indoor activities.



What Does Zenaai Mean?

Zenaai is a fusion name created from the word ‘Zen’. What does Zen mean? It can mean quite a few things yoga related, but, in particular, it makes reference to meditation or a person using a meditative state. For the layperson, Zen probably simply means referring to a happy place, a state of calm or a sense of peace.

In addition to being in a ‘happy place’, or Zen, your vibration and energy sometimes need to be aligned as best possible to bring about this state. Yoga, exercises, chakra health, general overall well being, nutrition, music tones (megahertz) and more, all have a part to play in helping one achieve their happy place or Zen.

I want to help you learn to understand how to achieve this, and also how to have a sense of interconnectivity with yourself and the things mentioned above. This will help move you towards understanding how to enrich your life creating vibrational energy, health and well being that enhances while also enriching your lifestyle.


Our Goals at Zenaai

At Zenaai our goals are to show you ways to enhance your lifestyle and well being.

Here you will find we research and suggest a variety of resources and tips which we make available to you where possible. I will be recommending tools and resources which I personally use and also those which I have researched.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to comment and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best.


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